Anthony DiBello Prepared for Jukasa Motor Speedway Debut this Saturday

Anthony DiBello

WOODVILLE, ON – After racing sporadically with the OSCAAR Modified Tour throughout the 2018 season, second-generation star Anthony DiBello has committed to following the entirety of the 2019 cross-province schedule.

As a result, the Woodville, ON native will be privy to a number of firsts this season. And, while the tour will offer DiBello a great deal of memories this year, perhaps none will be more important than what lays in front of him this Saturday – his first ever start at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

“I’ll be honest – I don’t believe I’ve ever put this much thought and planning into one single race before in my entire career,” laughs DiBello with a shrug. “For two straight weeks now I’ve been trying to imagine every lap and play the race out in my head with all sorts of different combinations for how it might work out.”

“Whoever is in charge of building the hype and the marketing at that place is doing an awesome job – because you absolutely do feel like you’re walking into something special before you ever even pull up to the pit gate. There’s an aura about this place that I’m real excited to experience for myself.”

DiBello’s Jukasa debut carries a double shot of importance for the burgeoning Open Wheel Modified talent. On one hand, the multi-time Peterborough Speedway Thunder Car champion hopes to take advantage of the opportunity of competing at a historic venue and, on the other hand, the June 1st event also represents the first points-playing race of the season for a driver hoping to contend for a 2019 tour championship.

“There’s no doubt that Saturday is going to be big for our team – there’s a lot riding on this night for us,” explains the blue-collar standout. “I’m not expecting anything less than the biggest test of my career. We’re going out there with quite a few guys that have alot more seat time (at Jukasa) then I do so we gotta be sure to keep learning and improving with every lap.”

“I believe in my team and I believe in our equipment like I always do,” continues DiBello. “We just need to keep taking steps forward all day. From practice sessions to our heat race to the feature. Just because we don’t really know what to expect going into this deal doesn’t mean that we can’t come out of it with a finish we can be proud of.”

And, while facing one of the most momentous tests of the season this early in the schedule might intimidate most racers, DiBello insists that the feeling is par for the course when racing with a tour as challenging as the OSCAAR Modifieds.

“Our team is here because this tour is known for pushing guys,” explains DiBello. “We’re proud as hell of what we were able to do at the weekly level. But, we set out looking for a challenge, and that’s what racing on the OSCAAR tour is all about.”

“I’m ready to meet this challenge head-on. Jukasa looks like an absolute blast to race on. It’s big, it’s fast and it lends itself perfectly to side-by-side racing. As a driver, you can’t really ask for much more.”

“We’re going to learn as a team, we’re going to stay calm and we’re going to make the right decisions when it matters the most. If we do that – everything else will take care of itself.”