Anthony DiBello in Search of Third Career Peterborough Speedway Championship


Anthony DiBello at Peterborough SpeedwayWOODVILLE, ON – Following a 2016 learning expedition as a full time member of the Sunset Speedway roster, 2-time Peterborough Thunder Car champion Anthony DiBello is back home and in search of a third division title since 2014.

“I couldn’t be happier to be back at Peterborough,” beams DiBello. “This place is home. It just feels right being here”.

“The team is comfortable here and it’s awesome racing at a place where you’re confident with how your car will respond right off the trailer”.

The second-generation racer has long seen Peterborough as one of Ontario’s premiere facilities and credits it’s Thunder Car class for being one of the province’s strongest.

“Peterborough is one of the most challenging tracks in the province,” says the Woodville, ON driver. “There’s a lot of underrated and top end talent here. You have to be strong all race if you want to stay up front – it’s not good enough just to be quick for a few laps”.

Looking back on a challenging 2016 campaign, DiBello sees the experience as a positive – one that has given his family-run team new life to chase down another track championship.

“Stepping outside [of Peterborough] for a season was important for us,” explains DiBello. “It taught us a ton and helped us improve a lot of aspects of our program. 2016 was a dry spell but we knew we were always one good performance away from turning everything around”.

“We’ve got our batteries recharged now and we’ve got our rhythm back,” continues the fan favourite. “I’m excited to take a run at another championship. It’s a long schedule and the challenge is no joke – but we’re ready for any team on the roster. Every Saturday is a battle and we have something strong enough to win it”.