Anthony DiBello Committed to Chasing Thunder Car Wins in Addition to Open Wheel Modified Endeavours in 2018

Anthony DiBello
WOODVILLE, ON – After having announced his intentions of fielding an Open Wheel Modified on a fulltime basis at speedways across Ontario in 2018, 3-time Peterborough Speedway champion Anthony DiBello has confirmed his family-run team’s plans to also chase a number of Thunder Car division ‘crown jewels’ throughout the season.

“I’d have a real hard time convincing my guys that we should shelf the Thunder Car,” laughs DiBello. “It’s a fun car to work on and setup and it’s even more fun to race. We love having it – so it’s absolutely going to be a part of our 2018 plans.”

DiBello rose to prominence through his Peterborough Thunder Car title wins in 2014, 2015 and 2017. Now, the second-generation racer is intent on pursuing the Crown Jewel victories that have narrowly avoided his team in recent memory.

“We’ve always had an awesome weekly program but I’d love to add some big wins to our resume,” explains DiBello. “I’m proud of what our team has done but there’s still a lot left for us to accomplish. That’s what this season is going to be about when we bring this car out. We’re chasing the wins that we’ve always wanted.”

“I’m really not sure on a number of dates yet,” continues the fan favourite. “I’m hoping to have the [Thunder Car] out at least a half dozen times. But it’s all going to depend on scheduling and sponsorship”

“We absolutely have the Velocity 250 and the Autumn Colours Classic circled though. Those two weekends are about as big as it gets in Ontario – and they’re two races we’ve wanted for a long time.”

And despite all of DiBello’s enviable success in recent seasons, it’s clear the desire to compete is still as intense as ever.

“Man no matter how well we do – I’m always thinking about ways to make our program better,” smirks DiBello. “I lose sleep over how to make our cars faster. I go to bed thinking about it and then wake up thinking about it.”

“This team is my life,” continues DiBello. “We won’t be racing the Thunder Car fulltime this season – but our goal is to absolutely make sure that we have the best car we’ve ever had.”