Andrew Gresel Hunting Season High-Note on Home Turf this Saturday 

Andrew Gresel

SAUBLE BEACH, ON – Former APC United Late Model Series champion Andrew Gresel is very much in the hunt for the 2018 tour championship. The second-generation racer will enter Saturday’s Spira 100 at Sauble Speedway just 43-points behind current leader JR Fitzpatrick, as he readies himself for a push towards his first win of the season.

“We’ve had a real good year so far – despite not winning one of these (APC United Late Model Series) races,” opines Gresel. “There have been a couple nights where I feel like we’ve had the car to beat and things just didn’t go our way. But – all in all – we’ve had a real solid start to our year.”
The Sauble Beach, ON native has been the picture of consistency thus far, registering four top-6 finishes through the opening five rounds of the 2018 season.
“I think it’s easy for guys to forget that the way to stay in these points battles is to get those strong finishes on the regular,” notes the veteran. “Look – it’s an awesome feeling to win one of these races, but if you come out in the next two rounds after and pile it in the fence, then you haven’t really made up any ground at all in the standings.”
“We’re just doing our best to bring home the results that we know we deserve,” continues Gresel. “I know that I’ve had a car good enough to win in every race I’ve started this season, but it just doesn’t make sense to push the issue when there’s no move to be made. It’s all about give-and-take with these cars.”
Now, looking ahead to Saturday’s 100-Lap contest at Sauble, Gresel remains humble but can’t help but express the slightest hint of excitement at the prospect of returning to his longtime hometrack.
“When you’re running on this tour – you’re going to be in for a long night no matter what,” says the multi-time Pro Late Model event winner. “That’s just the way it is. These guys are so good and there’s so much knowledge and technology floating around this pit area these days, it’s tough to think you have an advantage just because you’ve got a lot of laps at a certain track.”
“With that being said, though,” adds Gresel with a smile. “I’m always excited to get back to ‘the Beach’. It’s just a spot that fits my style. We’ve had a lot of incredible runs there over the years. I have more laps at that track than anywhere else on the planet. So, yah, we’re hoping to have a bit of a hometrack advantage, but we still know that we’re going to have to work our guts out if we want a chance of sticking around up front.”