Al Inglis Continues to Tighten Grip on Newly Acquired Streamline Race Products Chassis

Al Inglis

ORILLIA, ON – Simcoe County veteran Al Inglis entered the 2019 season knowing that it was time for a change.

The multi-time Barrie Speedway winner turned Sunset Speedway Limited Late Model regular acquired a Streamline Race Products chassis from former Sunset champion Taylor Holdaway and has set off to acclimate himself to his new ride as quickly as possible in weekly competition.

“We’ve been pushed back a bit by the weather – as far as getting the seat time that we would have liked to have by this time in June – but the notes we’ve put together so far have us feeling pretty good,” explains Inglis.

“I keep telling the guys on this team to remember that, when you bring home a new car, it’s a marathon. You’re trying to figure out every little nuance of this new piece. What works and what doesn’t work. And, really, the only way to learn is by spending time in the car.”

In a division that sees teams upgrade equipment as often as every other season, Inglis knows that learning the ins and outs of a new chassis is not a trait that will hand him any type of advantage over his peers.

“We found our comfort level (with our old car) and just fine-tuned and tweaked on it each year,” says the Orillia, ON native. “We’ve never been the type to have a new toy every season. So, when it comes to expediting the learning curve on a new car, that’s not our strong suit. I think there are quite a few other teams on this roster that have more experience with that than we do.”

“This is a real nice piece but it’s going to take some weeks to find the setup for my driving style,” adds Inglis. “I feel comfortable saying that we’re getting closer, even though we haven’t even had a full practice night to dedicate to trying new combinations and experimenting on things”

“Race day is a tough time to take big swings and make wholesale changes. So, you end up guessing in the shop and hope that you’re in the ballpark. We’re making ground on it, but I’m sure we’ll be a lot better a month or even a couple weeks from now. It just takes time.”

And, while Inglis demonstrates the patience of a competitor who has been racing weekly for over three decades, there’s no question that he’s eager to put his newly revamped program into victory lane.

“We just need more nights to get this car to where we know it can be. The more laps we log, the better we feel. I know that we can win one of these races this year. That’s absolutely the goal. And we’re going to keep pushing towards that.”