AJ Emms Ready to Leave his Mark on Jukasa Motor Speedway

A.J. Emms

Second-generation racer AJ Emms will make his second career Jukasa Motor Speedway appearance this Saturday as the OSCAAR Modified Tour returns to ‘Canada’s Crown Jewel’ for Round 1 of their 2019 schedule.

Emms impressed with a runner-up finish in his Jukasa debut last June and is undoubtedly ready for a strong follow-up this weekend.

“Our team put everything we had into that race (at Jukasa) last year,” stated Emms. “I’m not sure I’ve ever been so hyped up to finish second before. That was one of the highlights of our entire season. It was a big moment for us and that’s exactly why I can’t wait to get back there.”

“We learned a lot in that race and I feel like I have a few things up my sleeve this time around that will help me be a lot more effective,” continues Emms. “Jukasa is unlike anywhere else we race all year so it’s huge help to have a little extra knowledge to go back there with.”

Emms will be one of the few competitors in the field with previous experience at Jukasa – a factor that he believes only serves to improve his chances in the 40-lap event.

“When you go to a place (like Jukasa) that’s neutral ground it really is anybody’s race,” offers Emms. “There won’t be an event on the schedule that has guys guessing as much as this one does.”

“So, the fact that we’re coming in with a podium finish last year and a notepad full of ideas to help us get a baseline and get started is a giant help for us. I’m hoping it puts us ahead of the curve a bit. Because I know there are going to be a lot of fast cars in the pits on Saturday.”

When asked what it will take to improve upon his 2018 performance, Emms makes sure not to mince words.

“We need to show up and unload with the attitude that we have to be better in every race,” says the well-spoken standout matter-of-factly. “We were good last June – but we weren’t good enough. We can’t lose sight of that.”

“I know that we’re real early in the (2019) schedule right now but this is as important as any race we’ll run all year. Jukasa is a huge deal. Competing there is an honour but winning there would be unlike anything else I’ve experienced yet.”

“We’re going to try a few different combinations on Saturday and see what agrees with the car and what doesn’t,” adds Emms. “One foot in front of the other. All day long. It’s not possible to invest too much time and effort in a race like this. We’re coming with something that we know can run up front.”