AJ Emms Focused on Jukasa Motor Speedway Victory After Head-Turning Debut

ORILLIA, ON – AJ Emms impressed in his first career Jukasa Motor Speedway start last Saturday, tallying a runner-up finish behind multi-time tour champion Gary McLean in one of his strongest performances since joining the tour fulltime in 2016.
“I`ve never felt this confident in our program before,” says Emms. “I really think we’re ready to break through to that next level. Knowing that we came out in our first race ever at Jukasa and outran everyone but Gary [McLean] is an awesome feeling. Gary is the high-water mark on this roster. We just need to get back in the shop and see what we can do to get over that hump for Saturday.”
With a strong podium finish so fresh in his mind, it’s clear the modified standout is fired up ahead of his return to Jukasa this Saturday.
“Getting that close only makes us want the win even more,” insists the Orilla, ON racer. “We’ve had some big wins in the Midget and winning the Autumn Colours Classic in the Modified was a huge night, too. But, we absolutely want to win at Jukasa.”
“We aren’t the team that’s going to go home, pat ourselves on the back and kick our feet up because we finished second,” adds Emms. “We know that, with a few more hours and research, we can find that extra little bit to get around Gary or anybody else at the front of the field. It’s all possible through hard work. I’m ecstatic that we have another chance to run things back at Jukasa this Saturday.”
With a notebook full of lessons from his debut, Emms will look to rely on his methodical approach to competition in order to secure a Jukasa win.
“At the end of the day, Jukasa is a place that emphasizes equipment preservation more than just about anywhere else we travel to all year,” says Emms. “If we can take care of our car, we know that our car will be there to take care of us when the laps really matter.”
“We raced with our head last Saturday and brought our stuff home in one piece, so we’ve had the luxury of spending our whole week finding ways to make this car faster instead of repairing damage. Hopefully that makes all the difference for us this weekend.”