AJ Emms Confident in Family-Run Program Ahead of 2019 Season

#14 A.J. Emms

ORILLIA, ON – Second-generation product AJ Emms has declared that he will race in 5-6 OSCAAR Modified Tour races in 2019 and jump into a few other series as well.

The runner up at JMS stepped back from a full tour last season in favour of an ‘outlaw’ schedule with abbreviated OSCAAR appearances and is eager to return with renewed focus on securing more wins in his Open Wheel Modified.

“Our number one focus this year is to find the rhythm that we need to put together consistent finishes and jump into a run for more wins,” says Emms. “We’ve had some real good seasons with the tour in the past but for one reason or another we’ve come up short in the standings. I don’t want another year of that ”

The OSCAAR tour has drawn praise from fans and journalists across Ontario for its parity of competition and the quality of it’s races – a fact that only serves to motivate Emms even more.

“It’s an awesome feeling knowing how much attention is on the [OSCAAR] Modified Tour,” notes Emms. “There’s no doubt that it fires you up. That’s the sort’ve stuff that gets you outta bed early and keeps you in the shop late at night ”

“This tour is as wide open as it’s ever been,” continues the multi-time event winner. “There are a dozen teams on the roster that have the driver and the equipment to make a legitimate push at a championship. We have to outwork every single one of them – but I believe with everything in me that our program can be one of the best ”

The Orilla, ON native is a former Autumn Colours Classic winner and has long been pegged as a potential future face of the tour.

“It would mean the world to me to be able park it in victory lane a few times this season,” says Emms with a grin. “This tour has been a huge part of my life for the last five years and being able to finally get multiple wins under my belt would be one of the biggest moments of my career ”

“If we come up short it’s absolutely not going to be because of a lack of planning. We’ve never been this focused. I’m excited to come win some races and see what we can do to contend with the best mods in the province.”