cabral_selfA Little About Me:

I have been attending stock car racing since I was five years old, you can say I grew up at a speedway. Almost every weekend my granddad and I would head to the track. Now that he has passed away and my kids are older I felt like crossing from just spectator to being more involved in the racing seen. Since I have back and shoulder issues from a car accident 2 years ago, I will never get the chance to drive a car myself, so the next best thing In my eyes was and is to help grow the sport, fan base, tracks and more importantly the drivers who put a lot of time and money into help me and us the fans enjoy this great passion. So, Cabral Racing Promotions is a very cheap way of promoting yourself as a driver also your sponsors family and car. I am also helping the Outlaw Midget Series with there media and race day promotions.  Thanks for all the support and see you at the track.