Lane Zardo (Late Model)lane zardo

The former Super Stock champion’s inaugural ‘extended distance’ outing in his family-owned Late Model was cut short during last season’s Fall Velocity at Sunset. However, he more than made up for that disappointing outing just weeks later at Peterborough’s Autumn Colours Classic when he tallied a podium finish alongside winner Travis Hallyburton and living legend Stompin’ Tom Walters. This weekend, don’t be surprised to see ‘The Thrillbilly’ mixing it up with the division’s best. Engine issues hampered his most recent outing on April 30th, and Zardo made it known he would be heading for the Spring Velocity eager to rebound in a big way.

Cameron McGlashan (Mini Stock)cameron mcglashan

Another driver eager to shake off a frustrating opening night performance, Cameron McGlashan will head to Sunset this weekend in search of his first career ‘Crown Jewel’ victory. Battling to a top-10 finish with an ill-handling race car on opening night showcased McGlashan’s grit and resolve, but the Mini Stock rookie will need more than that to tangle with the province’s best. The Hawkestone, ON driver showed flashes of brilliance during his 2015 MIGHTY Division campaign, and if he can channel some of that this weekend, he could very well turn some heads on one of the biggest stages of the early season.

Johnny Morrison (Super Stock)johnny morrison

This likable second-generation has been on the verge of a breakout season for what feels like forever. If 2016 is the year for him to finally step to the forefront of the hotly contested Super Stock division, then it has to start at the Spring Velocity. With over 30 cars expected to unload at Sunset this weekend, Morrison is going to have to bring his A-Game all the way from opening practice to the closing laps of the feature. A solid work rate has never been one of Morrison’s weak spots, and if he can compound that with making the right decisions at the right times, he could very well become an unlikely candidate for a podium finish at the end of 50-laps.

Roy Passer (Super Late Model)roy passer

Super Late Model veteran Roy Passer will work in tandem with son-in-law/teammate JR Fitzpatrick this weekend in their combined pursuit of the Avenue Auto Parts Super Late Model Series championship. For Passer, the mini-series opener provides an opportunity to make a statement at his home track against some of the most talented SLM racers in the province. In a 75-lap event, Passer’s steady and consistent approach could be instantly rewarded with a solid finish to open the season. If his familiar No. 27 can work its way to a top-5 finish in Round 1, it could very well set him up for a run towards the mini-series championship later this summer.

Brittney Gresel (Late Model)brittney gresel

Second-generation racer Brittney Gresel will unload this weekend intent on carving out her first career Sunset Speedway podium finish. To do so, she’ll need to avoid the early-race calamity that has defined many of Sunset’s extended-distance events in the past. If the race turns into a ‘Last Man Standing’ style of competition, it will be all about who has the tires, brakes and a full set of fenders to make a difference when the laps start to count.