2018 to Mark 20th Season of Competition for Sunset Speedway Veteran Frank Davey

Frank Davey
INNISFIL, ON – Multi-time Sunset Speedway feature winner Frank Davey will kickoff his 20th season of competition this Saturday.

The Innisfil, ON racer will look for his first Super Stock feature win in over two years during April 28th’s season opener, as he continues to adapt to a rapidly evolving division.

“When I sit back and think about how much racing we’ve done in twenty years – it’s pretty amazing,” says Davey. “The [Super Stock] division has changed so many times since I first started racing that I’ve just about lost count. It’s come a long way.”

“There are a lot of nights where it feels like the only thing that hasn’t changed about these cars is that they have a seat and steering wheel,” adds the veteran with a laugh. “It’s taken some adjusting – that’s for sure.”

After an off-season worth of work and research, Davey is set to reintroduce himself to the perennially competitive Super Stock division with what he hopes is a bid for multiple wins in 2018.

“This team still has a lot of wins left in it,” insists the veteran. “We haven’t taken any weekends off this Winter because we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get ourselves back to the front of the field”

“The goal is to put together a strong run on Opening Night and go from there,” continues Davey. “We’re going to be better every night between now and the end of the season.”

And, as much as Flyin’ Frank readily admits that the Super Stock class is a much different animal than it was two decades ago, he remains confident that there’s still room for some old school talent in the rapidly evolving short track landscape.

“The division changes more and more every year – but certain things are always going to be the same,” says Davey. “The technology keeps creeping its way in, and the expenses are definitely going up and up, but at the end of the day you still need to know how to drive your car.”

“We might not have the latest and greatest when it comes to technology,” adds Davey in reference to his low-dollar operation, “but I still know what to do behind the wheel of a car. That’s what we’re banking on is going to make the difference this season.”