Zack Casemore Aims to Keep Championship Hopes Alive with Saturday Night Win 

Zack Casemore

SAUBLE BEACH, ON – Reigning and defending Sauble Speedway Super Stock champion Zack Casemore will enter July 28th competition sitting 3rd in the current division standings – just 12-points removed from current leader Brandon McConnell with only 4 points paying events remaining on the schedule.
“We’re not in a rush right now to do anything crazy just because there are four nights left,” says Casemore. “I’m comfortable with where we are in the standings, but we can’t let the two teams ahead of us get any farther out in front. It’s definitely important for us to start cutting into that lead.”
Casemore has been the picture of consistency so far this season, tallying top-5 finishes in all 6 of the starts he has made in the NASCAR Super Stock division. And, with one win on the season, can’t help but note the parity that has infiltrated the division in 2018.
“It’s tough to argue that this is as tight as this division has been since I started racing,” opines Casemore. “When you unload on a Saturday afternoon you really have no idea how things are going to go.”
“Just look at how tight the top of the standings are. It’s serious competition. Brandon [McConnell] has a rocketship, Kenny [Grubb] and Jake [Zevenbergen] are always top competition. This is an exciting time to be part of this roster.”
The current champion notes his fondness for Sauble’s Super Stock division, explaining that in order to contend on a weekly basis, a driver has no choice but to give everything he has from green to checkered.
“I’ll never get tired of racing here because of how aggressive you need to be every time you’re on the track,” says Casemore. “I think there are some divisions at some speedways where you can come out almost relaxed and sort’ve take your time to get up to speed. Sauble isn’t like that at all. There almost isn’t a single car in this division that you don’t have to worry about.”
“You have no choice but to race every car from the drop of the green,” adds the Sauble Beach, ON racer. “They drop the green and these guys are on the gas and they don’t make too many mistakes. You have to attack the track every lap. That’s what we plan on doing Saturday.”