Rick Spencer- Walt Set For APC United Late Model Series Return

Rick Spencer Walt
ORO-MEDONTE, ON – Perennial Ltd. Late Model heavyweight Rick Spencer- Walt will roll into this weekend’s Sunset Speedway Spring Velocity intent on securing his first career APC United Late Model Series win.

Walt has debated following the entirety of the APC Series Schedule in 2018, and a strong finish in Round 1 of the tour could very well lead to the Oro-Medonte, ON racer committing to Pro Late Model competition fulltime this season.

“The [APC United Late Model Series] has a much shorter schedule than what we’re used to racing weekly,” says Walt. “It means that we really don’t have the luxury of a bad night. When you’re out on tour, there’s no such thing as a mulligan. There are no throwaway nights. Our team has to expect the absolute most of ourselves every single time we unload.”

Walt’s Eldon Wallis-led team has accursed dozens of Ltd. Late Model triumphs over the course of the last five seasons – including the 2017 edition of Peterborough’s lauded Autumn Colours Classic – and are ready to make the successful crossover into the wildly competitive Pro Late Model realm.

“There isn’t a doubt in my mind that we can outrun anyone on this roster,” affirms ‘The Upgrade’. “This team can go. It was built to win. We can compete with the best of the best – in any division – on any given night. We have great equipment and even better people. We believe in ourselves.”

This weekend, Spencer-Walt will he presented with a golden opportunity to obtain his first career APC Series victory on home turf and in front of his hometrack fans.

“An APC win is something that we want to add to our resume in a bad way,” says Walt. “If we can take care of our stuff for the first half of the race, then I know we can make a big push late.”

“The goal is not to create any extra work for ourselves,” adds the third-generation racer. “We really need to qualify strong. If we have a bad outing in time trials it can put us in a huge hole. We’re ready to work. I know that we have what it takes to be a player when those laps start to wind down.”