Kevin Bridge Fired up to Chase Third Career Sauble Speedway Mini Stock Championship

Kevin Bridge
KINCARDINE, ON – One of the most winningest drivers in Sauble Speedway Mini Stock history will be back full time in 2018.

After a dominating 2017 season led to a second-career Sauble Speedway championship, Bridge will look to double-down with a consecutive title this year.

“We’re coming into this season with the same game-plan we’ve always had – race responsibly and win some races,” says Bridge. “This division gets more and more competitive every year. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect to have to work twice as hard as we have in the past, just because everyone else has upped their games so much.”

While Bridge is understandably proud of his team’s myriad of accomplishments and accolades, he notes that their ability to adapt and evolve off the track is something that he values even more.

“Our weekly Sauble program has gotten stronger every single year,” says the multiple-time feature winner. “The on-track numbers have gotten better and better – but I’m even more proud of how much we’ve learned to do behind the scenes.”

“We understand more about setup combinations than I ever thought we could,” continues Bridge. “It’s just been all about trial and error. We’ll try something, and if it works we’ll keep it, and if it doesn’t we’ll start over again. It’s been a long road but I couldn’t be more proud of where our team is at right now.”

On the topic of a third career Sauble Speedway championship, there’s no question that Bridge carries a belief in his family-run team’s changes – even if the concept itself is easier said than done.

“I’d like to think that we always have a shot at the championship – no matter what,” laughs Bridge. “At the end of the day, these points deals are won and lost with how consistent your team can be.”

“If we can maximize our points intake every week and just make the right decisions on raceday, then we’re absolutely going to be in the mix. We just need to avoid everyone else’s bad decisions and hope that we have just enough luck to win a few races.”