Josh Stade Looking for more in APC Series Return to Flamboro

Josh Stade
CHESLEY, ON – APC United Late Model Series original Josh Stade will look to break into the tour’s win column for the first time ever this Saturday – as the top Pro Late Model racers converge on the Hamilton-area bullring for Round 2 of the 2018 campaign.

“Racing at Flamboro is, honestly, unlike racing at any other speedway,” explains the second-generation racer. “The layout is different than the rest of the tracks on the schedule and you have to make sure you absolutely nail your setup if you want to be able to attack it the right way.”

“There are a lot of guys with Flamboro experience on the tour roster,” continues Stade. “You might be hard pressed to find a field with more teams that could win at any [APC Series] race all year. We’re definitely going to need to be up on the wheel if we want to contend.”

The 2-time Sauble Speedway Ltd. Late Model champion will need to find the right combination early if he hopes to outrun Flamboro Speedway regulars like JR Fitzpatrick, Steve Laking, Rick Burbridge and Billy Schwartzenburg.

“The goal is absolutely to figure out car out early in the afternoon and then make adjustments to improve ourselves all day long,” explains Stade. “I haven’t turned a whole lot of laps at Flamboro, but we have run well there before. We’ve spent the week going over our notes to see what we can do to bring this car to life, but I think a lot of our setup is going to be dictated by how we feel in practice.”

With 1 top-5 and 11 top-10s in 26 career tour appearances, Stade hopes that the Interstate Batteries 100 will mark the turning point that his family-owned operation has been working towards.

“This team is ready to win one of these races,” insists ‘Prime Time’. “We’ve been close a few times but just haven’t been able to lock one up. I want to change that more than anything else on the planet.”

“My guys give me the absolute best car I could ever ask for,” adds Stade. “I’m ready to fight and scrap for every position on Saturday night if it means having the chance to bring my team a finish that they can be proud of.”