Flamboro Speedway points leader Kevin Albers Inching Closer to Victory Lane with Continuous Podium Finishes at Flamboro

Kevin Albers
ROCKTON, ON – After a pair of 2nd place finishes in Flamboro’s twin Pro Late Model feature events, it would seem as though journeyman Kevin Albers is closer than ever to clinching his first Late Model win this season.

“Trying to get an edge in a division as stacked as this one is a nonstop process,” says Albers. “We’ll throw a change at the car and, if it works, it goes in the notepad. If it doesn’t, we toss it out and try something new.”

“We’re always trying to figure out something new. So far, we’ve had a great start to the year and things are falling into place even faster than I thought they would.”

When asked his opinion of Flamboro’s headline division as a whole, Albers explains that the levels of research and development are at an all-time high, which has created both room for opportunity as well as a complete lack of room for mistakes.

“I think the gap has closed significantly as far as the level of knowledge everyone is working with these days,” notes the former Flamboro Thunder Car champion. “If you come out and put a watch on the field this Saturday, you’re going to find out that the lap times between 1st and 15th are really, really similar.”

“It’s because every single team out here is doing their homework all week, every week,” continues Albers. “Nobody is half-assing it. We’re all here to win. And that means that the margin for error is smaller than ever. If you stumble for just a moment out here, these guys are going to eat you alive.”

And, while Albers is still working full bore towards his team’s first division win, he’s quick to point out that their drive and determination are likely not going to be satiated once they break through to victory lane.

“I don’t ever think about how high our ceiling is,” explains the Rockton, ON racer. “Right now, all of our energy is being put into getting our first win. But, once that happens, we’ll probably celebrate for a night and then turn around and start obsessing over getting our second win. That’s the way it is. All our team wants to do is keep improving.”