First Career Sauble Speedway Victory has Rick Spencer- Walt Primed for Round 2 of Great Lakes Series

Rick Spencer Walt
ORO-MEDONTE, ON – Fresh off of a feature win in Sauble Speedway weekly competition on June 23rd, longtime division standout Rick Spencer- Walt will look to ride his momentum into the second round of the Great Lakes Concrete Ltd. Late Model Series this Sunday.

“This race is about seizing opportunity for us,” says Spencer- Walt. “Right now, we have a fast car and a great setup. If we can’t win this race – it’s all on us. There’s no excuses. I believe we’re the best car on the roster right now and I’m looking forward to proving it.”

For Spencer-Walt, Sauble’s longstanding reputation as a hardscrabble bullring only serves to add to its allure, as ‘The Upgrade’ sets aim on a 75-lap triumph on Sunday.

“I love racing at Sauble,” notes the third-generation racer. “It reminds me a lot of Barrie [Speedway]. You have to stand your ground when you’re racing there. In a long race like this – you can’t let these guys push you around or else you’re going to have a lot of body work to do next week.”

“This is exactly the kind‘ve racing I like,” continues Walt. “I grew up at Barrie where it was exactly the same way. I’d sooner go out on my shield than let someone drop the door on me or run me up the hill. It’s just not going to happen. [Bullring] racing isn’t any different than anything else in life – you can’t let someone poke you in the chest without them having to worry about something coming back at them.”

The 75-lap event is expected to draw track champions and feature winners from across the province, which only seems to motivate Walt and his Eldon Wallis-owned team.

“I’ve never understood guys that keep their cars at home to duck the races that draw big competition,” shrugs Walt. “For us – it’s never a question. We want to race the best fields possible because those are the wins that matter. Any time a promoter puts together a big show – and we have a car that fits the rules package – you can bet on us being there.”

“There’s a lot of tough teams that are going to be there – I expect to have my work cut out for me,” continues the former Autumn Colours Classic winner. “If I didn’t want to be challenged then I’d just drive this thing up and down the road outside of our shop. I’m hauling all the way to Sauble because we’re ready to fight for a win.”