Dan Archibald Ready to win at all Costs in Saturday’s OSCAAR Hot Rod Series Opener

Dan Archibald
INNISFIL, ON – Longtime Super Stock division standout Dan Archibald wasted little time establishing himself as the proverbial high water mark for the upstart OSCAAR Hot Rod Series during its inaugural campaign last season. This Saturday – at Sunset Speedway – Archibald will look to continue the winning ways he first established in 2017.

“With all the work these other teams have done all Winter, I’m thinking we might have our work cut out for us this Saturday,” admits Archibald. “I think the series could be a lot different than it was last September. Guys that had rough luck last year have had a whole off-season to get their stuff working and the guys that were already tough to beat have had a whole off-season to get even better.”

But, even though Archibald takes no issue with crediting the rest of the roster for upping their game, there’s no questioning what he will and will not deem a satisfactory finish come Saturday.

“Listen – we work way too hard on our stuff and spend way too many hours in the shop for me to sit here and dream about how great it would feel to finish second,” insists the multi-time Sunset Speedway feature winner. “We’re coming to win. Period. Anything less than that would be a disappointment for me and any other guy on this team.”

Armed with unwavering self-belief and elite-level equipment, Archibald will very likely be in contention by the end of Saturday’s Hot Rod Series feature event.

“We believe that we have the best team on this tour,” says Archibald. “And if I can be standing around with my guys at the end of the night on Saturday, drinking beer, with a trophy on the roof of my car, then that belief will be even stronger.”

“All the research and the planning is over,” continues the polarizing veteran. “Now, it’s all about rolling out of the trailer with the best piece possible and performing to our expectations. It starts this weekend and it ends at the banquet. Everything that happens in between is just going to depend on how hard we’re willing to work.”