Billy Zardo in Need of bounce back Performance This Saturday

Billy Zardo Sunset Speedway 2017
BRAMPTON, ON – After a Tuff beginning to his 2017 NASCAR Whelen All American Series season, popular third-generation star Billy Zardo will enter this Saturday’s event intent on establishing some much-needed momentum for his family-owned Ltd. Late Model outfit.

“We know, as a team, how important it is to get something moving in the right direction,” says Zardo. “It’s still really early in the season and we don’t want to get so far off course that we can’t recover. We’ve had two nights this year where we’ve had to work a lot harder than we wanted to. Hopefully we can avoid that this Saturday”

“These guys just work way too hard to have to suffer through bad luck,” continues ‘Z3’. “I’d give anything to be able to bring them a night they can be proud of. I need to bring them home something to show them that all the hours they’ve been putting in is for a good cause”

For the likeable Brampton, ON native, a slow start to the season is nothing new. While the Zardo Racing representative has enjoyed his share of triumphs and victories over the course of the past five Sunset Speedway seasons, he has also been forced to overcome a number of stalemates and setbacks.

“We just want this season to be different,” explains Zardo in reference to the team’s recent battles against adversity. “This car is strong enough to podium. This team is dedicated enough to outwork the guys around us. We just want to avoid falling into the same pattern of working through bad luck and battling back through hard times”

“I think we’ve had enough bad luck for the next ten years or so,” laughs the blue-collar racer. “I’d be more than alright for a change of pace in 2017. If we could come out and rattle off some wins and some top-5s, I don’t think there’s a single person on our crew that would be complaining about it”

This Saturday, Zardo will unload with the intention of turning in his first podium finish of the season. And, for a team that went back to the drawing board in more ways than one this off-season, there remains intent of earning validation as a program on the rebound.

“This is an entirely new effort for us this year,” explains Zardo. “We brought Jeff Walt to the team this Winter and he’s got a ton of ideas for us and has really taken the reigns and shaken things up”

“It’s an exciting time for us,” continues the Ltd. Late Model veteran. “We’ve thrown some things at this car that I’ve never even thought to try before. We’ve used combinations where we really didn’t know how the car was going to respond. It’s almost like flying blind at times but it’s awesome to be a part of”

“We’re ready to just remind people that we still have a lot to offer this division,” adds Zardo. “We aren’t done. We’re one win away from stepping right back into the mix with guys like Gord [Shepherd] and Taylor [Holdaway] and Rick [Walt]. This Saturday is going to be the day we turn it around.”