‘Always Improving’ Ryan Kimball Hoping to Showcase new Traits in APC Series Appearance at Delaware

Ryan Kimball
NORWOOD, ON – Although former Peterborough Speedway weekly Late Model champion Ryan Kimball has yet to score a podium finish with the APC United Late Model Series, there’s no question that he values the lessons acquired through the first three rounds of the cross-province Pro Late Model tour.

“It really is impossible not to learn things about yourself when you’re around racing or this caliber night-in and night-out,” says Kimball when asked his opinion of his first foray into fulltime Pro Late Model competition.

“Every race feels like it’s a whole new test. We’ve had our eyes opened every night we’ve started so far. Delaware’s the next chapter for us (on Friday) and we’re working hard to make sure that we have a chance at making an impression.”

Flyin’ Ryan continues to impress on the tour and credits the depth of his competition with motivating him to showcase the best version of his SMG Motorsports team each time his No. 29 hits the track.

“You get the ‘rub’ when you’re racing with top-level guys on a regular basis,” explains the Norwood, ON product. “It just makes you better. We.’re always improving. It’s not a whole lot different than when we were racing full time at Sunset (in 2016). When you’re pushing yourself to your limit every week, you have a good chance of finding ways to get quicker and be smoother.”

When asked his strategy for Friday’s 100-lap contest, Kimball can’t help but explain why the traditional ‘wait and see’ approach is not optimal to Delaware’s confines.

“Delaware can get real, real narrow,” says Kimball. “And that’s especially true if you’re off the pace – even a little bit. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide out there. And it’s really not the type of place where you want to cruise around at the back and let things sort themselves out because you can end up in someone else’s mess.”

“It’s easier said than done – but we want to hit our setup right for time trials, start up front and just try to keep the rest of the field in our rear view all night,” continues the former Autumn Colours Classic winner. “This is a race that everyone on this roster is excited to add their name to. We just need to make sure we want it more than they do.”